We have a lot of pride in providing what we believe is the premier experience for rafting, hiking and camping in Grand Canyon. But don’t take our word for it! Here are true rafting testimonials from our 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 guests.

2015 River Reviews

Photo by Janice Frame

Photo by Janice Frame

Absolutely fantastic. The highlights were the paddling in the biggest rapids and generally doing things that I did not think I was capable of, though the guides knew better.        –Elizabeth O’Neil, 6 day Classic Adventure Upper, May 2015

Top notch. Can’t wait to hit the river again! No one highlight — just experiencing one of the most amazing places on Earth for 8 days. –Marilyn Thompson, 8 day Motor Adventure, May 2015

It was perfect for me. The beauty of the canyon is overwhelming, the guides were incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, I felt safe and exhilarated, and serene in an amazing environment. The highlight: hiking up side canyons and happening upon beautiful waterfalls and pools – also making new friends to share it all with.  –Susan Dyer, 8 day Motor Adventure, May 2015

Fantastic trip and guides. Highlight was the guides – friendly, supportive, patient, full of canyon/river knowledge to share, great teamwork  –Patsy Crofford, 8 day Motor Adventure, May 2015

This trip created life-long memories for our family. It was definitely out of our comfort zone to live outdoors for 6 days, but well worth it to see the spectacular sites and share time together. I cannot say enough good things about our guides – they were friendly, hardworking, knowledgeable, and always mindful of your safety. The food was outstanding. I never saw my kids eat so ravenously. The side hikes were each unique and unforgettable. One particular highlight was hiking to a waterfall through waist deep water. Another was seeing the azure blue of the Little Colorado. The rafting was fun and never scary, and was a great way to see the Canyon. We have already recommended this trip to all our family and friends.  –Young Bae Kim, 6 day Classic Adventure Upper, April 2015

A+ Trip. Little Colorado water and swims. Vistas and great camp sites. Rapids fun.. Food was terrific! Logistics great.  –Jim Bishop, 8 day Motor Adventure, June 2015

Amazing, excellent, unbelievable, and indescribable are what comes to mind. The highlight was getting to spend time with my family and some other great folks in a truly amazing place.  –Leo Yancey, 6 day Classic Adventure Upper, June 2015

My experience definitely exceeded my expectations. The food was amazing and the guides were phenomenal. It was difficult to leave and say good bye to the canyon and the people.  –Katherine Wilkinson, 9 day Classic Adventure Lower, June 2015

Photo by Candace Stephens

Photo by Candace Stephens

Your employees and their attitudes, skills, and high levels of emotional intelligence are outstanding! The guides kept everything moving along seemingly effortlessly. The guides provided so much unexpected enjoyment, from Tom’s music, to Liam’s poetry, to Neal’s leadership abilities, all combined to provide much more than we expected.

We were very pleased, and pleasantly surprised, time after time on the trip. We did not know what to expect, but we were very comfortable and happy with the experience. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity, and for your attention to detail that adds so much to the experience.  –Jan Krueger, 14 day Full Classic, June 2015