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Quick guide to securing a river trip reservation

river trip reservation

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Before you make a Grand Canyon river trip reservation, you should first decide what type of trip best suits you. Read online about our trip options or call our reservation staff to discuss what trip might be best for you. Once you choose the trip that best fits your interest and ability level (and anyone else coming with you), it is time to make a river trip reservation. To make a river trip reservation, review the trip schedule and pick several dates that fit your time frame of availability. Next, call our office at 800-786-7238 (RAFT) or  email us at to check availability.

Why don’t we take your river trip reservation online?  Because we want to provide you the most personalized river trip reservation experience as possible. We want the opportunity to meet you and help you choose the best trip for you and your group! Our office staff is friendly, informed, and experienced. Once you have secured a river trip reservation date, you have 10 days to put down a non-refundable deposit in order to continue holding your reservation. Please be prepared to provide a full legal name, mailing address, email address, phone number, date of birth, height and weight for each passenger on the reservation.



The deposit is $400 per person and due within 10 days of securing your reservation. You may make your deposit by personal check, Visa or MasterCard. Your deposit is non-refundable so please consider purchasing some type of trip insurance to cover yourself for any unforeseen circumstances that might cause you to cancel.

We don’t sell trip cancellation insurance, but we do recommend Travelex Insurance Services, as they provide standard trip insurance policies that have been used successfully by many of our previous passengers. We recommend exploring travel insurance options within two weeks of putting down your deposit so you may maximize your benefits. There are other options and you are more than welcome to research other possibilities (such as AAA). Read more about travel insurance.  The Arizona Raft Adventures reservation and customer service team are not qualified or authorized to answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions or conditions of any of the insurance offered by the travel retailer, or evaluate the adequacy of the prospective insured’s existing insurance coverage. Please direct specific questions to the Travelex customer service department.

Final Payment

The Ross Wheeler

The Ross Wheeler
Near mile 108, Photo by Chris Brunning

The final balance for your river trip reservation is due 120 days prior to your trip departure date. Please mark your calendar because we do not send out final payment reminders. If your payment is due on a weekend date, please adjust accordingly as the office is not open on the weekend.Your final payment may be submitted by a check or you may call our office and authorize a credit card payment on either a Visa or MasterCard. Once you make your final payment, your trip fare is non-refundable. Hopefully you have already taken this into consideration and have made proper arrangements with a trip insurance provider. If you have not purchased trip cancellation insurance, you may want to again consider purchasing it at this time.  If you purchase trip insurance at this time, certain conditions or situations might not be covered so be aware of your provider and coverage.


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The deposit originally applied to the cancelled space is non-refundable. Your final trip balance is non-refundable within 120 days of your trip departure. Because of this penalty, we hope you have purchased trip insurance. Not only is your payment non-refundable, your payment is also not transferable to the following river season. However, you may substitute members of your party with no penalty. In addition, if you can find another trip date within the same river season, you may switch trips (applicable charges may apply). We do not recommend these two options as your safety net, as it is often difficult to find substitutions at the last minute and switching trips is only a solution if we have space available (we often do not have availability on other trips). If you need to cancel or make a substitution, please give us a call at 800-786-7238 (RAFT) and drop us an email at