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Why we love rafting Grand Canyon…

Lou Elliot Rafting Grand Canyon

My Grandfather, Lou Elliott

My husband and I are both incredibly passionate about rafting Grand Canyon. Both of our families dipped our feet in the water of the Colorado before we were a year old. I am a third generation Grand Canyon boater and outfitter. My dad, Rob Elliott, and his dad, Lou Elliott, first ran the Grand Canyon in 1965. My parents bought the operation from my grandparents in 1974 and changed the name to Arizona Raft Adventures (AzRA). My husband is a second generation Grand Canyon boater and manager. His father, Paul Thevenin, ran his first Grand Canyon trip in 1962. Rafting Grand Canyon is something that comes naturally to us, and it’s something we both love; we took over AzRA management in 2007, and bought the company from my dad in 2008.


Rafting Grand Canyon Family Values

Grand-pa Lou Elliott & my father Rob

Arizona Raft Adventures has core values which provide the foundation for an incredible rafting Grand Canyon trip experience for our Guests. As you explore your options in choosing a Grand Canyon outfitter, we hope you can identify with and appreciate our values, too. AzRA prides itself on: putting safety first, creating a personal experience for every Guest, sharing a passion for Grand Canyon, exceeding Guest expectations and constantly striving for improvement, making stewardship and philanthropy a part of our essence, and being an innovative industry leader.

Elliott Family loves rafting Grand Canyon

Rob with his three children: Anthea, Alex & Adam


It is also very important to us to provide a rewarding place to work for our guides and support staff. We hire, train, and retain exceptional guides. Our guides are wonderful and caring individuals knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon and the world beyond. They are smart, funny, talented, and most importantly, they are genuinely fun to be around. In addition, we think you will find our support staff extremely professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Support staff and guides alike, we value our employees very much. We all love rafting Grand Canyon and hope to share this experience with you too.



Love and Rafting Grand Canyon

Alexandra and Fred Thevenin

So many of our Guests come to feel deeply passionate about the Grand Canyon—some experience a sense of peace, some are captivated by the adventure and beauty, and for others, something else entirely resonates with them. This, after all, is why we do what we do—we love to experience rafting Grand Canyon with our Guests, because it becomes fresh again through your eyes. And you almost invariably point out little details that are totally new to us: a new fossil, a pretty wave, or a lovely sunset. We hope you will come to love rafting Grand Canyon trips as much as we do.

Alexandra and Fred

Fred and Alexandra
Photo courtesy of Katie Woodard


Kids on River

Our two children with their cousins (Anthea’s girls)
on a river trip in fall of 2011.







Alexandra & Fred Thevenin

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Loving Grand Canyon

Thevenin Family