Specialty and Charter Trips

Dory Boat on the Dories and Stories Trip

Dory Boat on the Dories and Stories Trip
Photo by Ralph Hopkins

Each season we offer a selection of specialty adventures. So what exactly does this mean? It’s a standard Arizona Raft Adventure rafting trip (Motor, Classic or Paddle) that has an added element to enrich the experience even more. This additional bonus could be simply a focus to pull together like-minded guests, a special guest speaker adding an educational component, or an additional entertainment factor like organized music. Whatever the specialty may be, you will still get the Grand Canyon rafting experience

Examples of specialty trips include the Dories and Stories Trip, Photography Workshop, Yoga Retreat or even a Kayak trip. One of our most popular specialty trips is the Hiker’s Discovery which is designed for the most physically fit and adventurous guests who love to hike. Special interest trips may vary each year, please check Dates and Prices or call for availability.

Types of Specialty Trips

Organize Your Own Private Trip

You may also be interested in organizing your own privately chartered Grand Canyon rafting adventure. A private charter is when a large group reserves all available space on one given trip date. We have many families who will reserve an entire trip so they can travel down the river together without the addition of outside guests. It is an excellent way to bring together friends and  family as young as ten years of age (Motor Adventure)!  Another popular type of group charter are associations and special interest groups such as hiking clubs, yoga studios, photography groups and universities. The possibilities are endless and you can even create your own specialty trip if you’d like! Read our blog article for tips on how to plan a private group charter trip. Please contact one of our experienced reservation specialists at 800-786-7238 to begin planning your charter trip