Motor Adventure

S Rig Motor  Adventure Trip, Photo by Ralph Hopkins

“S Rig”, Photo by Ralph Hopkins

Motor Adventure

The Motor Adventure is a wonderful way to experience boating the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon on an 8-day or a 10-day whitewater rafting adventure. Arizona Raft Adventures takes pride in producing what we believe is the best Grand Canyon motor adventure trip available at any price. Our Motor Adventures are ideal for guests who seek the sense of security and comfort of a larger raft, more time in the Canyon for exploration and a moderate group size. Guests of all levels of rafting experience are welcome on the motor trip. The Motor Adventure is a sensible choice for individuals and/or groups with a wide range of skill levels, abilities and interests.

by Rob Elliott

by Rob Elliott

The boats are 34 feet in length and 15 feet wide. This sturdy and stable design is a superb way to experience the Grand Canyon and still offers excitement through the rapids. Arizona Raft Adventures pioneered the use of small, four-stroke outboard engines specially designed to minimize noise output, save fuel and reduce emissions. The roomy floor plan provides a comfortable seating arrangement and allows you the opportunity to get up and stretch your legs while the boat is moving. Our moderate group size allows space to spread out on the raft. Most of our trips are comprised of two boats with a maximum of 24 guests. Each season we designate a few trips as one boat of 14-15 passengers. Regardless of whether or not you are on a one or two boat trip, our overall group sizes are smaller than most other motor outfitters.

The Motor Adventure accommodates guests with all levels of experience and children as young as ten years of age, thereby providing the opportunity for multiple generations to engage with each other on a Grand Canyon adventure. With optimal trip lengths of either eight or ten days, the camaraderie begins at Lee’s Ferry (the “put in”), and builds throughout the entire 226 mile excursion to Diamond Creek (the “take out”). The group will remain together the entire trip without the interruption of other guests leaving or joining the trip at exchange points. This means you receive more personal attention from our guides and bonding with fellow travelers is natural and easy in this setting.

J Rig on a Motor Adventure By Eric Christenson

“J Rig,” By Eric Christenson

The pace of the trip allows time to adjust to group needs. One day we might enjoy an early camp, another day we may spend more time hiking and playing up side streams and canyons. Most hikes are optional; however, we encourage you to come along as some of the most spectacular scenery in the Grand Canyon is up the side canyons.

We also offer four specialized motor adventure trips: the 10-Day Hiker’s Special trip, the motor supported Yoga Retreat, the 8 Day Road Scholars and our motor supported Kayak trips.

Motor Adventure Trip Specifics

8 or 10 days:
Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek*, 226 river miles
Rafts: 1 or 2, 34 foot long motorized rafts in either “S” rig or “J” rig boat style
Minimum age: 10 years
Maximum group size: 14-15 guests on a one boat trip, or 24 guests on a two boat trip


Guests on motor adventure

Guests enjoying the motor boat

“Friends of mine said they wouldn’t do a motorized trip because they thought paddling was the only way to go. They missed out on a wonderful trip! This was the best type of trip for me, and I was reassured of my decision to take the motor trip when I saw the oar and paddle trips on the river.”

Judy S., Motor Guest, April 2012

*Diamond Creek road is a dirt road along side Diamond Creek Wash and is the only road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Although rare, it is possible in the case of severe flooding in Diamond Creek, that the road can become impassable. If this were to happen on the day of your take-out, we may have to continue down the river to Pearce Ferry Road at river mile 279, in which case, return time to Flagstaff could be late in the evening (or in extremely unusual cases, the following morning).