Classic Adventure

Oar Raft on the Grand Canyon Classic Adventure Trip

The Oar Raft on the Classic Adventure, Photo by Rob Elliott

Classic Adventure

What we refer to as the Grand Canyon Classic Adventure (previously known as our hybrid trip) is the most popular of our Grand Canyon boating options. It is considered one of the most desirable National Park adventures available. A Classic Adventure trip consists of two types of non-motorized rafts: 5 oar rafts and 1 paddle raft. Guests of all levels of rafting experience are welcome on this trip option. In general, the Classic Adventure is perfect for individuals and groups with mixed abilities, experience, or paddle boat interest. It is an ideal trip option for guests who wish to participate in the paddle boat but not commit 100% to the paddle raft like our All-Paddle Adventure. One day relax on the oar raft taking photographs and the next day challenge the rapids in the paddle raft. Classic Adventure guests typically want a taste of everything.

The Paddle Raft on the Grand Canyon Classic Adventure,Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Paddle Raft on the Classic Adventure, Photo by Ralph Hopkins

On the Classic Adventure, 5 of our 18 foot oar rafts accommodate up to four guests and one guide rowing with 11 foot oars from the center of the raft. Some guests kick back and admire the scenery, while others might try their hands at the oars. The paddle raft accommodates six guests and one guide. You and five other crew paddlers are actively involved in maneuvering the raft. The guide sits at the rear of the raft and calls out commands and steers the boat.

If you choose to go on the Classic Adventure, you may pick from a variety of trip dates and prices. You might like to do the full Canyon which is 226 miles of Colorado River through the Grand Canyon from Lee’s Ferry to Diamond Creek. You may prefer a partial Canyon trip. An upper half trip ranges from 6-7 days and covers 89 miles from Lee’s Ferry to Pipe Creek. The 9-10 day lower Canyon trip travels 137 miles from Pipe Creek to Diamond Creek. Don’t forget! An upper Canyon or lower Canyon trip involves hiking the Bright Angel Trail before or after your river adventure.

We cannot guarantee 100% time in the paddle raft on the Classic Adventure. If your main interest is in paddling and you have previous multi-day paddle experience, please sign up for the All-Paddle Adventure.


Classic Adventure Trip Specifics

14 to 16 days:
Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek*, 226 river miles (16-day trips are run on some Spring and Fall dates)
6-7 days:
Lees Ferry to Bright Angel Trail, 89 river miles (7-day trips are run on some Spring and Fall dates)
9-10 days: Bright Angel Trail to Diamond Creek*, 137 river miles (9-day trips are run on some Spring and Fall dates)
Rafts: five oar rafts and one paddle raft per trip
Minimum age: 12 years
Maximum group size: 21 guests


Classic Adventure Grand Canyon

Kickin’ back on the oar raft in the lower Canyon

“Hybrid trips (now Classic Adventure) provide a direct encounter with the Colorado River and its countless rapids. You meet the river on its own terms, at its pace, quiet and still, pounding rapids, then quiet again. There is undeniable challenge, shared adventure, and personal satisfaction along with the flexibility to meet a variety of interests and changing moods.”

Rob Elliott, 2nd Generation Owner and Operator of Arizona Raft Adventures

*Diamond Creek road is a dirt road along side Diamond Creek Wash and is the only road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Although rare, it is possible in the case of severe flooding in Diamond Creek, that the road can become impassable. If this were to happen on the day of your take-out, we may have to continue down the river to Pearce Ferry Road at river mile 279, in which case, return time to Flagstaff could be late in the evening (or in extremely unusual cases, the following morning).