Paddle Adventure

Grand Canyon Paddle Adventure Photo by Eric Christenson

Photo by Eric Christenson

 Paddle Adventure

The  Paddle adventure is a popular choice if you are looking for the ultimate whitewater adventure and paddling a raft 100% of the trip. It is also a good choice if you enjoy a physical challenge, teamwork, and sharing time on the river with other guests who have a similar zest for adventure. AzRA has offered expedition style paddle raft trips in the Grand Canyon longer than any other commercial outfitter. You will experience the Grand Canyon as you paddle through vigorous whitewater and slow drifting current.

On the Paddle Adventure there are three paddle rafts for a total of 18 guests and three additional oar boats to carry gear. Each paddle raft seats 6 participants who paddle 100% of the time. The paddle raft fosters great camaraderie as the paddle team maneuvers the raft with the guidance of a skilled paddle captain.

Photo by Eric Christenson

Photo by Eric Christenson

The full stretch of river through the Grand Canyon is 226 miles beginning at Lee’s Ferry and ending at Diamond Creek. If you don’t have two weeks to spare, you may prefer a partial Canyon trip. The upper stretch of river is 6 days in length and covers 89 miles from Lee’s Ferry to Pipe Creek. The 9-day lower Canyon trip is the second half of the stretch of river and covers 137 miles from Pipe Creek to Diamond Creek.* An upper Canyon or lower Canyon trip involves hiking the Bright Angel Trail to leave or join the trip.

Paddling is not always easy and certain conditions such as wind, heat, cold, low water, blisters, fatigue and maneuvering through rapids makes paddling more difficult so physical fitness is a must. The minimum age to participate on the Paddle Adventure trip is 16 years old. If paddling 100% of the time is not what you desire on your Grand Canyon whitewater adventure, you may like to consider our Classic Adventure. The Classic trip offers one paddle raft and four oar boats and is ideal if you seek a partial paddle experience.

Grand Canyon Paddle Adventure

Grand Canyon Paddle Raft By Eric Christenson


Paddle Adventure Trip Specifics

14 days:
Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek, 226 river mi.
6 days:
Lees Ferry to Bright Angel Trail, 89 river mi.
9 days: Bright Angel Trail to Diamond Creek, 137 mi.
Rafts: Three paddle rafts and three support rafts per trip
Minimum age: 16 years
Maximum group size: 18 guests



 “Each day I am pulled closer to the water …. In the rapids, I have become addicted to the feel of the river’s power against my paddle, to the crash of the cold water that smashes over us.”

Leila Philip, Writing Down the River: Into the Heart of the Grand Canyon


*Diamond Creek road is a dirt road along side Diamond Creek Wash and is the only road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Although rare, it is possible in the case of severe flooding in Diamond Creek, that the road can become impassable. If this were to happen on the day of your take-out, we may have to continue down the river to Pearce Ferry Road at river mile 279, in which case, return time to Flagstaff could be late in the evening (or in extremely unusual cases, the following morning).