Trip Types


We offer three types of Colorado River / Grand Canyon National Park adventures

Rafting the Colorado River, Marble Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Rafting the Colorado River, Marble Canyon, Photo by by Ralph Hopkins

Classic Adventure, All-Paddle Adventure and Motor Adventures. The trips vary in boat types, length, and price.

  • The Classic Adventure (previously known as our hybrid trip) combines the oar and paddle experience into one adventure. It is an ideal trip for guests who want to paddle part of the time but also want the relaxation of riding in an oar raft.
  • The Motor Adventure is ideal for those who wish to see the entire canyon in less time, prefer smaller group dynamics and expect a more leisurely pace.
  • The All-Paddle Adventure is for highly adventurous, fit and active outdoor enthusiasts who want to paddle 100% of the time.

Are you an experienced kayaker? Consider a kayak support trip. Please explore the options to choose the trip that is right for you.

We also encourage you to consider one of our specialty trips such as the Natural History, Yoga in the Canyon, Hiker’s Discovery, or the Dories and Stories trip. If your schedule is flexible and you are looking for reduced fares, see what trips and dates are on sale.