Video Gallery

Watching whitewater rafting videos and short clips about the hiking and camping in the Grand Canyon is a fantastic way to get a feel for what your trip will be like. The five videos on this page are great if you are considering a trip, but they are also useful even if you have already made a reservation.

One video explains the side hikes that vary from side canyons, and long, difficult hikes, to hiking through creeks and to waterfalls. One of the videos describes camp life, which explains dinner and lunch preparation, the groover and how important hand-washing is while on the river. Finally, there are videos that really give you a taste of what rafting on the Colorado River will feel and look like. Each rafting video explains and describes the three most common rafts that Arizona Raft Adventures uses while river-running.


Trip Options:

Are you still trying to decide which trip option is the best fit for you and your group?


Three main trip types are available.


A glimpse into what life is like on the River.


A variety of hiking opportunities are available.

Natural History:

The Grand Canyon is rich in geology, archeology, ecology, and human history.