Hiker’s Discovery

Canyoneering the Grand Canyon by Rob Elliott

Canyoneering the Grand Canyon
by Rob Elliott

Canyoneering in the Grand Canyon offers some of the coolest hiking opportunities available in Arizona. While all of our trips offer hiking excursions, this trip is designed for the hiking enthusiast seeking the ultimate hiking experience in combination with a Classic Adventure or a Motorized Adventure on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The Hiker’s Discovery is available in full, upper or lower Canyon trip length options.

The Hiker’s Discovery trip is strategically placed in the cooler months of early April and late September to take full advantage of the moderate daytime temperatures. There are some side hikes that are not even attempted during the hot summer months that are perfect during the shoulder seasons. The Hiker’s Discovery is also our longest trip available which allows more time designated to hiking. Often times, this trip provides an opportunity to visit some seldom-seen places that are frequently difficult to reach.

The main difference between the Hiker’s Discovery and one of our non-specialty trips is that on the Hiker’s Discovery we try to gear the trip around people who want to hike as much as possible. A group with a common desire to hike and a greater fitness level allows the guides to cater the trip around hiking. The standard trips also offer side hiking opportunities but the passengers often have a greater range of abilities and interests. Therefore, the trip leader will create a balanced trip itinerary to meet everyone’s skill level and desires.

Hiking and Canyoneering the Grand Canyon

Famous creek move along Havasu Creek
near Beaver Falls.
Photo by Rob Elliott

If you think you are a good candidate for the Hiker’s Discovery, you should be physically fit. The trip is staffed with enthusiastic, upbeat guides who like to hike. They will keep a quick pace (a moderate pace is always an option too) on the trail in order to get the most out of each day. You should also be prepared to get up extra early once or twice or get into camp late in the day (occasionally eating dinner in the dark) in order to maximize hiking time. Although some hikes may still be relatively short, one or two hikes could be as long as 7-8 hours. Like our standard trip hikes, the terrain may include one or more of the following conditions: ledges and drop-offs, loose and slippery rocks, scrambling up, over and around large rocks, 2000-3000 ft elevation gain and descent, and maybe even a hike that requires the use of ropes.

It is our goal to pull together 18 participants who all have previous hiking experience and the common interest to hike, hike and hike!  We expect the people who sign up for this trip to be in good physical condition and looking for several hiking opportunities. Not only do we suggest that you consider your own ability for participating in this adventure, but also consider anyone else that you might bring or sign up on this trip.

If you think the Hiker’s Discovery is the trip for you, we suggest working on stamina, aerobics, and muscle strengthening prior to your trip.  You’ve likely hiked enough to know best how to get in shape but we recommend consulting a fitness trainer if you need additional advice. The extra effort you put into pre-trip conditioning will allow you to get the most out of the hiking opportunities and your overall experience. We also recommend brushing up on our general Grand Canyon Hiking Tips.

Canonyeering the Grand Canyon

Photo by Rob Elliott

Canyoneering Grand Canyon

Photo by Rob Elliott