River Rats 2011

          Are you a river rat? Here at Arizona Raft Adventures, we believe that anyone can be a river rat and have found that people of broad ages and abilities can enjoy all of the fun and excitement of a Colorado River trip through Grand Canyon. Given the remoteness of these trips, things like cell phone and social media are unavailable, giving families, old, and new friends time to have genuine interactions with each other and nature. We also find that by taking away technologies, people are able to have some true quiet time to reflect. Check out what some of our 2012, 2013 and 2014 guests had to say about “unplugging”…

 2011 River Rat Reviews

“This trip was unbelievable. The scenery and geology is breathtaking. The guides and equipment were excellent. The side canyon hiking trips were fun and informational. The river and running the rapids a blast. The food was terrific and the professional, yet fun loving, support from the guides excellent. The knowledge of canyon history, geology, and river very interesting. If I were to pick one single highlight though it would be swimming a rapid, voluntarily of course as we did not flip any rafts on our trip. I do a fair amount of river rafting in Alaska, but have never swam a cold water rapid of the magnitude I did on this trip. It was exhilarating, a little scary, and a valuable experience.” Harold H. –Full Canyon Classic– May 2011

Fun run through Sockdolager Rapid. Photo by: Ralph H.

“The canyon was beautiful; the river was huge, fast, and cold; the air temperature was torrid; the wind was like a blast furnace at times; and the staff were wonderful…knowledgeable, fun, informative, supportive…very steady and encouraging. All aspects of the trip were very challenging and rewarding. It pushed us to perform beyond our expectations…exhausting and inspiring. It felt great to relax at camp in the evenings, then join in on games of Bocci, Washers, etc. Great fun… a trip of a lifetime. Kudos to the entire river staff and the AzRA Organization. I loved it.” Kem D.- Lower Canyon All Paddle– July 2011


Hiking up Havasu Creek. Photo by:

“It was a great family trip and allowed me to see my children expand their horizons. It was wonderful to watch the guides help bring out the best in the kids. The beauty of the canyon and the exhilaration of the river exceeded my expectations.” Debra W.- Upper Canyon Classic- May 2011


A family huddled under a waterfall after an exciting hike to it. Photo by Michelle M.

“The guides crushed expectations. I had no clue that they would have such sensational knowledge of the canyon, experience rock climbing and hiking, or personal history with the river. Never have I met people so in love with what they do or engrossed in the atmosphere of it all. They truly lived and breathed Grand Canyon. It became infections for us to do so as well. I particularly enjoyed the challenging hikes with scrambling, rock climbing, swimming, rappelling, and the sort. These challenge parts were as exciting as some of the rapids. Thank you to the leaders for taking us and teaching us climbing as we went.” Trey S.- Lower Canyon Classic– May 2011

Connor the pilot

A younger guests trying his hand on rowing the raft. Photo by: Jeff H.

“My family of 5 absolutely loved the trip. Perhaps the best way to explain is to copy my 14 year old daughter’s post on her Facebook page she posted the night we came off the river- In the last 8 days I: met the most amazing people who i will never forget, swam a rapid, had lightning as m 4th of July fireworks, broke a world record, took a spin in the tumbler, ‘accidentally’ fell off cliffs, found three rattlesnakes and got used to showering in 50 degree river water. In other words, in the last 8 days, I have had the most incredible time of my entire life.- Everyday had a highlight from the rapids, hikes, meals, and learning about the canyon geology.” Henry K.- Motorized Adventure– July 2011