Guest Reviews 2014

We have a lot of pride in providing what we believe is the premier experience for rafting, hiking and camping in Grand Canyon. But don’t take our word for it! Here are true testimonials from our guests…

 2014 Grand Canyon River Reviews

“Overall impression? It was GREAT! Many highlights come to mind — a couple dozen big horn sheep, a fawn maybe two weeks old, the many waterfalls, the blue warm water of the Little Colorado and Havasu Creek, Redwall Cave, the ring-tail cat, the phenomenal night sky with billions of stars, and the rapids — yes, the many, many rapids were definitely the best highlight for me, especially Lave Falls!” Don H.-Full Canyon Classic– June 2014

Grand Canyon 2014-109

Great hike to the granaries. Photo by: Dave C.

“It was the best outdoor experience we have had. The food was much better than expected. We were really impressed by the ease with which cooks put together delicious, non-traditional meals (couscous!) without a real kitchen. The “lodging” was superb – no tents for us, just stars. The side hikes were interesting and fun, the right duration, and challenging, but not overly so. The Little Colorado was a blast! The guides were always around to support us on the hikes. The guides were mellow, but always attentive to safety. They were always solicitous to guests’ particular (and sometimes peculiar)needs. The paddle boat was lots of fun – my family paddled a good bit, as desired. The “kid boat” was a huge hit. We appreciated Wade including our 22 and 20 year old “kids” in that experience. Wade is super with kids. Beach volleyball was crazy. The rapids were just the right degree of scary, but I always felt confident in the guides’ boat handling. The hike out was killer, but we survived.” Ross and Patti W. – Upper Canyon Classic– June 2014

“It was a journey into another world. All the geology, history of the people who have inhabited and explored the canyon, hikes up canyons, and the camaraderie with the guides and clients all made the trip of a true lifetime event. For me, the highlight of the trip was that I was able to take the trip with my son. We went through the Lava Falls rapid in the same boat and I got a GoPro video of the whole ride. Just to have him along as just another adult was so meaningful to me. The Deer Creek hike was fantastic, even though I had done it before. This time I went all the way to the source of the creek, to the amphitheater, and it was truly memorable.” Paul C.-Upper Canyon Classic – August 2014

Rafts at camp for the evening. Photo by: Marianne P.

“Initially was totally out of my comfort zone in the rapids, but at the same time felt completely safe with the guides. Loved the geology lesson and the amazing scenery that changed at each bend of the river. The ever changing night sky and tracking the stars throughout the night will be one of the best memories. Loved camping out but still had the luxuries of a hot meal and a cold beer at the end of the day. The crew did their best to make us comfortable and looked after. By the end of the trip I can safely say I not only had a trip of a lifetime, but have also learned how to paddle and ride some of the world’s amazing rapids.” Anonymous- Lower Canyon Classic– September 2014

“This was probably the best trip I’ve ever taken in my life. The scenery was surpassed. The guides were tremendous in all they did each day. The hikes were spectacular. The food was varied and tasty. The rapids were exhilarating. The other members of our tour were friendly and we all got along like a family. I don’t know if there was one specific highlight because everything was great. I especially like the Havasu Canyon hike because of its beauty and the fact that I saw 7 Desert Mountain Big Horn Sheep close up.” Thomas G.- Full Canyon Classic– October 2014

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Southwestern salad with dinner. Photo by: Kellie U.

“I couldn’t believe how good the food was. We were very impressed with the fresh fruit and vegetables.” Tom L.- Motor Adventure– September 2014

“We’d not done a guided river trip before this one, and were a bit nervous about how that might play out. Unnecessarily. The guides were fabulous, and the other participants were a huge part of the enjoyment. I’m sure this will stand out as one of our best trips ever, no matter what else we do. Our guides were the best. They were so knowledgeable and willing to share, patient with all skill levels and willing to assist so that we could stretch our boundaries. They were fun and playful, creating a wonderful atmosphere for group engagement, but also giving us space for solitude and quiet. They were thoughtful, generous, well prepared, incredibly hard working, and clearly loved the canyon, the river, and what they do for a living. I feel quite lucky to have completed this trip with this particular group of guides, they were a perfect match for what we hoped to experience.” Cathy R.- Full Canyon Hiker’s Discovery Classic– September 2014

Family at the Bright Angel Trailhead getting ready to hike to their river trip! Photo by: Edward M.