Customer Reviews 2012

          We have a lot of guests who are first time rafters and campers, stepping out of their comfort zone and into the great unknown. Our guides love to teach new, and seasoned, rafters about camping along the Colorado River, as well as how to get the most out of your river expedition. From selecting your best camp spot, taking care of your feet, and using the “groover”, to how to make amazing meals far away from home, and how to spot a condor, our guides are there to help you have the best river trip of your life. Granted, with surroundings as beautiful as Grand Canyon, it is hard to not enjoy being outside! Our customer reviews are the number one source for new guests in choosing which Grand Canyon rafting company is the best outfitter for their next adventure! Read 2014, 2013 and 2011 too!

 2012 River Reviews

“Truly in the top 3 trips I have ever taken. Great preparation and coordination by the company and crew. Everyone seemed genuinely excited to make it a fun and memorable trip for all guests. Great food, wonderful hikes, information and stories from the guides, exciting rapids, and amazing scenery all made for a fabulous trip. The highlight for me was the evenings sitting by the river watching the sun set and the moon rise.” Dean B.- Full Canyon Classic– April 2012

Just another day on a river trip. Good morning, Grand Canyon! Photo by: Bob M.

“I really didn’t know what to expect. I was just excited to get away from the city for a bit. Words will not come close to expressing how much this trip was a life changer for me. From the gorgeous sights, to the amazing guides, the amazing food, to the people I was able to meet and bond with. By far, one of the best trips I’ve been on.” Kimberly H.- Upper Canyon Classic– May 2012

“These guides can cook up a storm! Loved the upside-down pineapple cake on last day, and the other great menus including salmon and steaks. Sure makes a difference to have great food when you feel trashed (hot sun, long hikes, sand in your toothpaste, etc.)!” Bob P.- Full Canyon All Paddle– May 2012

“It was an amazing, life-altering experience.” Amenity A.- Motor Adventure-June 2012

“This was my first river trip and I was afraid that 9 days might be too long. It turns out, it wasn’t quite long enough. I will definitely do another trip of this type. The guides are the hardest working people I’ve ever met. Yet they did it all with a smile and infinite patience. Nothing but accolades for the guides!” Anonymous- Lower Canyon Classic– June 2012

Guides and guests- All characters relaxing at camp! Photo By: Sena J.

“The guides were fantastic. They all have an infectious, but not overbearing love of the canyon and the Colorado River. Their knowledge and passion weren’t intimidating or alienating the way they can be with some know-it-all outdoors-men/women. Instead they were unfailingly inclusive. I can’t imagine being anywhere with any one of our four guides and not feeling the pull of the canyon, at first infectiously and vicariously, but more impressively, in a way that organically becomes your own. I’m a city boy and have never felt a connection or affection for a place outside of NYC the way I now do for the canyon and the river. The majesty and beauty of the place deserves some credit for this but the guides make is accessible while not diluting its mystery and make it safe while keeping it challenging. They were great individually, and miraculous as a unit.” Luke E.- Motorized Adventure– June 2012

“Excellent trip! Seeing Puebloan granaries, pictographs, and historical markers were really cool. Whitewater was super fun; I loved the paddle raft. I wish the Little Colorado River was running turquoise, but the rain was appreciated, too. The Bright Angel Trail was an unexpected highlight.” Anonymous- Upper Canyon Classic– July 2012

“I have heard it said before and it turned out to be true- the trip changed me and has changed my life. The guides were able to really help me see the “inner canyon” as well as the “outer canyon”. I feel more connected to the elemental forces of the earth than I have ever been. Jeff reminded us on the last day that the canyon is still there- as we return to our work and daily life, the canyon is still there- still breathing, still flowing. With my memory, I hope I will always be able to connect with that power and grace. If I lose it, i will come back. I’ll have to.” Susan B.- Full Canyon Classic– October 2012

Getting set up for an awesome ride. Photo by: Kellie U.

Getting set up for an awesome ride! Photo by: Kellie U.