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Some will argue that visiting the Grand Canyon by raft was by far one of the most amazing experiences ever! Created especially for our guests, The V Wave contains interesting and educational news regarding Arizona Raft Adventures Grand Canyon including guide updates, recommended readings, specialty trips, discounted trips, river recipes and special interest pieces. This newsletter was created to keep us connected!

Now in the ninth year of publication, The V Wave, (named after a legendary wave in Lava Falls rapid) keeps you connected with AzRA Grand Canyon, the river community, and the Canyon. Each publication links to outside web pages with Grand Canyon related material such as current events, non-profit organizations, and natural history.

  • December 2016: This winter 2016 features information on the Colorado River and Little Colorado River Confluence project, as well as a guide profile on Owen Ludwig, the delicious river recipe for Pasta with Shrimp and Artichokes, an announcement of the Fall Photo Contest winner, as well as some interesting links about happenings in and around the area.
  • June 2016: This summer issue features an article about AzRA’s 2015 trip with Veterans, a guide profile on Somer Morris, the ever-popular Thai Turkey recipe, a blurb on the National Park Service turning 100, and children’s book reviews. You’ll also see some fun activities available for families in Flagstaff for the summer!
  • December 2015: This winter issue highlights AzRA’s 2015 trips for active duty military and veterans, announces the 2015 photo contest winners, provides information about the newly proposed Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument, and includes links for Arizona winter fun!
  • September 2015: This fall 2015 issue includes a spotlight on the Foundation for Blind Children trip, a recipe for a favorite river dessert, a guide profile on Laura Fallon, and introduces the new Granite Adventure Club. There are also links with more information about the Grand Canyon area including fun family activities to do in Arizona!
  • May 2014: Spring of 2014 brings some cool articles circulating around bats in the Grand Canyon, a book review on The Emerald Mile, a portfolio on guide Bill Mobley, information about Arizona Raft Adventures and Moki Mac River Expeditions. You will also find links pertinent to topics we think you will love like the Razorback Suckers, updates on the drought conditions, cool things about Arizona and more!
  • October 2013: Highlighting our new motorized Hiker’s Discovery trip, this fall issue contains many interesting stories including a portfolio on guide Howie Usher, a river recipe and an article about a very unique trip AzRA did last summer that pushed the boundaries of accessibility. We include details about the government shutdown and unique links such as an update on the Controversy at the Confluence of the LCR and the infamous Red Ant.
  • April 2013: This issue features several topics including a profile on AzRA guide Alan Fisk-Williams, details about a cool Grand Canyon wildlife census and another yummy river recipe. You will also find a couple short blurbs about a donation promotion we are offering the month of April and our new LinkedIn Grand Canyon Rafting Group.
  • September 2012: The September 2012 issue features a guide portfolio on Katie Proctor, an article about the first ever commercial river boarding trip in Grand Canyon, the famous breakfast river recipe for Migas, and features AzRA’s new Pinterest page and revamped website. In addition, several interesting links such as videos, scorpions, and the history of Lava Falls.
  • March 2012: This issue features several subjects which includes AzRA’s inaugural Short Story & Poetry Contest with its big prize. It also includes articles about unplugging from the electronic world of today, the Grand Canyon River Runners Association, AzRA’s new logo, the opening of 2013 reservations, an all women’s trip in 2012 and a book review on Breaking Into the Current.
  • August 2011: Just past mid-season, the August 2011 V-Wave highlights AzRA’s first ever photo contest, new Red River Sports retail items, a gear recycling program, a guide profile on Susan Detering, a river recipe (Thai Turkey), and a feature piece on the intriguing Canyon Wren. You will find additional topics surrounding the Grand Canyon in the Quick Links.
  • April 2011: This issue features a guide profile on Sharon Hester, two Environmental Impact Statements up for public comment, a new addition to the drag bag, and a great article about a cooperative effort to manage recreation impacts in the Canyon.
  • August 2010: This V-Wave illustrates a beautiful Grand Canyon wildflower photo gallery, a guide profile on Jed Koller, an interesting proposal for a new museum, an article about wilderness medical training, and a recommended reading for a fiction novel written about a Grand Canyon raft trip.
  • March 2010: This issue features a guide profile on Drifter Smith, a new line of environmentally friendly clothing in our retail department, a specialty trip added to the schedule featuring a dory boat, a way to earn a free gift from AzRA, and an update on campfire regulations affecting Grand Canyon commercial raft trips.
  • September 2009: This issue features an interest piece on the company bike-to-work incentive program, AzRA Guide Beverly Caifa, a river recipe, an introduction to a collaborative kayak specialty trip with Otter Bar Kayak School, and the non-profit organization Grand Canyon River Guides.
  • March 2009: Featuring a brief report of the 2010 opening day, an update on river guide Jerry Cox, a short story on AzRA’s free trade coffee, a summary of a new specialty trip with a yoga focus, and a book review on Ancient Landscapes.
  • August 2008: Featuring the new electric water filters on hybrid and paddle trips, a co-op trip between Grand Canyon Youth, Global Explorers, AzRA and fellow river company Canyon Explorations, an update on AzRA guide Kristin Huisinga and a review of River and Desert Plants of the Grand Canyon.
  • February 2008: Featuring a new National Park rule, a photo workshop trip, a story by one of our guides about sharing the Navajo culture within Grand Canyon, a summary of our recent opening day for 2009 reservations, a guide update on Lorna Corson and a featured photo submitted by one of our readers.
  • August 2007: Featuring a new Grand Canyon book titled The Very Hard Way by AzRA guide Brad Dimock, information about the Hiker’s Special trips, an AzRA guide update on Lynn Myers, the art of cooking in a dutch oven along with a trip recipe and welcoming new management.
  • January 2007: Featuring the allure of April trips, our sister company Grand Canyon Discovery, an AzRA guide update on Jon Hirsh, the San Juan River, and a recommended reading called Writing Down the River by Kathleen Jo Ryan.