Granite Adventure Club

Arizona Raft Adventures’ Granite Adventure Club

Arizona Raft Adventures strives to show our repeat guests how much we value their loyalty. Year after year, our repeat guests share albums and slide shows of their trips with others, bring family and friends, and inspire others to raft with AzRA.  We appreciate, the power of word of mouth campaigns from our valued repeat guests, and we want to thank them by improving the benefits they receive. We currently have over 150 guests who have traveled with us four or more times, which is an amazing statistic.

For many years, we have given our multiple repeat guests 10% discounts on their trips, sent birthday cards and seasonal cards, but we decided it was time to do more, wo we officially created, The “Granite Adventure Club” as our way of showing our loyal repeat guests that they are appreciated and special.

To become a member of the Granite Adventure Club, you will need to build a travel history with us of four or more trips (High Desert or Moki Mac trips count). When you book your fourth trip, you become a Granite Adventure Club member and will receive lifetime benefits. Members of the Granite Adventure Club receive booking incentives, as well as additional perks:

  • 10% lifetime discount on your regular priced space
  • 10% discount for one additional guest traveling with you
  • Additional 5% discount on any discounted trips
  • Pre-booking, in which you will be notified by email before we open the next season
  • 10% discount on all of your Red River Sports purchases (phone and in store purchases only)
  • A welcome gift, to be received at your pre-trip orientation
  • Bi-annual newsletter
  • One-time cancellation benefit**

To our GAC members, it is our goal to reward you. Thank you for your continued loyalty and referrals to Arizona Raft Adventures. We look forward to seeing you on your next trip!

**One-time cancellation benefit explanation: each Granite Adventure Club (GAC) member is eligible for one deposit transfer for one reservation. This one-time transfer must be used within three river seasons, the GAC member must be on the trip. Additionally, the transfer must be used for the same amount of spaces as was originally booked. For example, a $1,600 deposit must be used for a group of four—if only a party of two books within three years, only $800 will be transferred to the new reservation.


Granite Adventure Club

Grand Canyon Serenity. Photo by Amy Martin