Photography Trip

Nankoweap by Ralph Hopkins

Photographing the River at Nankoweap
by Ralph Hopkins

Is your first love photography? If it is, you may be interested in our Grand Canyon non-motorized rafting photography oar trip. This trip is perfect for the novice or the accomplished photographer.

Well known National Geographic photographer, Ralph Lee Hopkins, has designed a Grand Canyon trip experience for the photography enthusiast! This trip allows you to bring the equipment you need and gives you the time you desire to photograph one of the most beautiful and challenging subjects in the world. Mr. Hopkins is an experienced Grand Canyon photographer and knows the best locations and times to capture images of the canyon. The opportunities for amazing photos are endless: from big horn sheep with newly born lambs, blooming prickly pear cacti and trickling streams meandering through slick rock, to expansive views with clouds and sunlight, or the evening sunset glow reflecting off the Canyon walls. To reserve a space on this trip, contact Ralph Lee Hopkins at

Photography Grand Canyon

Photography Grand Canyon
By Rob Elliott

Photographing Wildflowers Grand Canyon

Photographing Flowers
By Rob Elliott

Solar recharging system for batteries

Solar recharging system
Photo by Ralph Hopkins