Road Scholars Trip

Road Scholar (Formerly known as Elder Hostel) with Northern Arizona University

Once specializing in multi-day rafting trips for seniors in the Grand Canyon, the Northern Arizona Road Scholar program is now available to guests of all ages. Arizona Raft Adventures has been the preferred outfitter for the Road Scholar program for over ten years. This 8-day motorized rafting adventure offers the perfect blend of rafting, sightseeing, and camping. You will have expert Grand Canyon rafting guides and a Road Scholar instructor who are lifelong learners themselves. Your crew is excited to answer your questions, hear your opinions and share in your experience. When you participate in a Road Scholar program, you will not only expand your mind, you will be in the company of other people who believe that learning is one of the best parts of life. To find out more information about the next Grand Canyon rafting Road Scholar trip, please visit the Road Scholar website or call Northern Arizona Road Scholars directly at 928-523-2359.