Full Grand Canyon Trip

Full Canyon Trip by Ralph Hopkins

Full Grand Canyon Experience by Ralph Hopkins

Full Grand Canyon Trip

The ultimate Grand Canyon trip experience is to raft down the Colorado River through the entire Grand Canyon. The 226 mile stretch, known as the Full Grand Canyon trip, can be rafted in 8-10 days on a Motor Adventure or 14-16 days on either a Classic (previously named our hybrid trip) or a 14-day All-Paddle Adventure. The Full Canyon trip begins and ends in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Plan to attend our 7:00 p.m. orientation meeting the evening before your Full Grand Canyon Trip trip departs. Bright and early on the morning of your trip, we will pick you up and take you by bus 2.5 hours up to Lee’s Ferry. At Lee’s Ferry you will meet your boat crew and begin your trip.

The end of a Full Grand Canyon trip is 226 miles downstream, at Diamond Creek*, at mid-morning of the last day. From there, we will transport you by bus back to Flagstaff. The return time is usually sometime between 3-7 p.m. but we do not guarantee the exact arrival time. Please see the Trip Details page for more information.

* Diamond Creek road is a dirt road along side Diamond Creek Wash and is the only road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Although rare, it is possible in the case of severe flooding in Diamond Creek, that the road can become impassable. If this were to happen on the day of your take-out, we may have to continue down the river to Pearce Ferry Road at river mile 279, in which case, return time to Flagstaff could be late in the evening (or in extremely unusual cases, the following morning).