Length Options

Arizona Raft Adventures Grand Canyon Length Options

Take a look at this Grand Canyon map. The entire stretch of Colorado River that we run is 226 miles long from a “put in” location at Lee’s Ferry, near Marble Canyon Arizona, all the way to our “take out” location at Diamond Creek near Peach Springs, Arizona. This 226 mile stretch of river we call our Full Canyon trip option. To raft the entire stretch between Lee’s Ferry and Diamond Creek you should plan to spend at least 8 days for a motorized trip, or 14 days for a non-motorized adventure.

You may want to consider a partial Canyon trip. The half Canyon trips are only available in our non-motorized trip options. The “upper half” is typically 6 days in length and covers 89 river miles beginning at Lee’s Ferry and then getting off the boats at a location called Pipe Springs. The “lower half” is typically 9 days long and travels 137 river miles beginning at Pipe Springs and going all the way to Diamond Creek.

Pipe Springs is located along the river corridor deep within the Grand Canyon. An upper Canyon or lower Canyon trip involves hiking the Bright Angel Trail. The Bright Angel Trail is arduous and you should read about the Bright Angel Trail before choosing this trip option.

Grand Canyon Map