Expedition Style

What does an “expedition style” trip mean?

Rafting the Colorado River, Marble Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Rafting the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
Photo by Ralph Hopkins

AZRA’s philosophy is to run expedition style trips which means all rafts carry gear. In a conscious effort to limit our environmental footprint in the Canyon, we take only five boats rather than seven or eight boats which would be required if we ran “empty” paddle boats. This may be different than other paddle boat experiences you have encountered before where the paddle boat only carries people; our paddle boats carry gear and people. We take two additional support oar boats for the bulk of the heavier gear. As for the rapids, having some weight in the paddle boat allows our guides to have more confidence to paddle into the big waves rather than skirting rapids for safety. It is never an intention to flip a boat in the Grand Canyon as it can be quite dangerous and is more likely to happen in an empty boat.