Grand Canyon Trips

A True National Park Adventure Experience

Are you looking for an amazing National Park Adventure? We offer a medley of river rafting trips to take you through the heart of the Grand Canyon.

Since this national park adventure might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you, we recommend that you do research on each type of trip and learn the differences. Discover which one would be the best for you and your group. Trip types offer different boat experiences and include the Classic Adventure, All-Paddle Adventure, and Motor Adventure.  Our trips vary in length, and price. There is  almost always a trip for everyone!

 The Grand Canyon was originally designated as a place to be protected in 1893, and officially became a National Park in 1919, seven years after Arizona officially became a state. However, people were running the river before the Grand Canyon was ever protected. John Wesley Powell was the first man with a group of boaters to run almost 1,000 miles of the Colorado River, which included the miles that stretch through the Grand Canyon. He and his boatmen made this brave voyage on May 20, 1869. The Powell Expedition traveled the Colorado River again in 1871, but this time only traversing the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. He made river running history.

Rafting the  Colorado River, Marble Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Photo by Ralph Hopkins

Over the following 50 years, river-running began to change in little ways that eventually led to current river-running styles. Georgie White Clark was the woman who made running the river popular and also available to commercial passengers. In the 1960s, she created the first rubber raft to carry multiple passengers; she was also the first woman to bring paying passengers on the river. In a matter of 17 years, after Georgie’s innovative raft creation, the number of commercial passengers increased from 70 to 16,400. After this drastic increase, the National Park Service had to start a permit system to travel the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Currently, the easiest way to travel the river is to book a commercial river trip. This is where Arizona Raft Adventures comes into play and we take a lot of pride in providing you an amazing National Park adventure.